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At this time of year we get so much pleasure from walking down the aisles of our local supermarkets and finally seeing British tomatoes and strawberries instead of Moroccan or Spanish. You have to go to a farm shop or market to get the really delicious stuff, but we love that buying British is so easy during summer!

Kicking things off we've got Raymond Blanc; in his first in a series of articles on underappreciated ingredients, the chef waxes lyrical about the humble gooseberry. This hairy, prickly berry is still woefully underused in home cooking and he makes a good case for picking up a punnet during your next shop.

This issue is a real celebration of all the good things June brings, from fresh seafood and ripe veg to lush salads and the juiciest berries. But there's plenty for meat lovers too! Our feature on making perfect pulled pork at home is great if you want that amazing barbecue taste without the hassle of settling up a proper pit, while our guide to sizzling steak to perfection will ensure you never overcook your rib eye again!

When it comes to holidaying in the UK it's difficult to beat Cornwall – and we've chosen the coastal county's best restaurants, attractions and foodie specialities to make your travel planning a little easier. Or if food festivals are more of your thing, we've hand-picked the summer's finest.

And don't forget to vote for your British food favourites in our 2015 Farm Produce Awards. Vote online at to be in with a chance of winning an amazing prize.

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With top chefs clamouring to cook with local, seasonal and British produce and increasing numbers of small producers creating delicious regional food for everyone to enjoy, there has never been a better time to celebrate the revival of British food.

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