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Mackays. Mackays has built a reputation for taste, provenance and tradition.

At the heart of our taste is the Scottish soft fruits which we use in every jar of our strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant jam. We work directly with 12 Scottish fruit farmers who have decades of experience producing the finest soft fruits in the world.

Dundee is the home of marmalade and we are proud to be the custodians of a world renowned icon! The secret to Mackays award winning marmalades is that we source all of our bitter oranges from Seville, Spain.

The authentic cooking method for producing the finest jams and marmalades is the open copper pan method and this is how all Mackays varieties are made.

Mackays chutneys and relishes are a tasty savoury addition to our range. We make these chutneys and relishes with the same meticulous cooking methods used in our jams and marmalades which ensures we deliver a great tasting product.

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