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Discover more about Cornish potatoes | Great British Food Magazine


Discover more about Cornish potatoes

For seasonal veg warriors in the UK, it’s usually all about the Jersey Royals. But lesser known (but equally delicious) Cornish new potatoes are one of the most exciting arrivals in our fresh produce calendar.

Signalling the start of the summer, Cornish new potatoes hit the grocery shelves nationwide in June. But their short season, which lasts only until early August leaves us all yearning for more as these little gems of the earth disappear as fast as they arrive.


Grown in the fertile West Country soil from Land’s End to Exeter, many in coastline fields close to the sea, Cornish new potatoes are famous for their soft, pale skin and sweet, creamy texture. Favoured by chefs and home cooks alike, their loose skins and evocative flavour make these British spuds a real summer treat.

One of Britain’s favourite accompaniments, potatoes are traditionally eaten on the side but it’s good to remember that there are certain times of the year when, like all seasonal fruits and vegetables they should become the star of the show.

Spuds are a victim of the wider choice of carb alternatives like rice, quinoa and pasta, and sales have dipped in recent years but as more focus is placed on provenance, Cornish producers are at last seeing an increase in demand for the best of British produce.

The warm and temperate southern climate, south-facing slopes, high light levels and proximity to the Gulf Stream enable farmers to plant in mid-winter producing bumper crops from the middle of May onwards which directly follows the Jersey Royal season.

So with the short season coming to an end soon, why not pick up a bag and cook one of these tempting recipes tonight…

                                                                  MUSSELS & CRISPY POTATO WEDGES

                                                                               BREAKFAST TRAY BAKE