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We put your questions to the experts at the Women's Institute | Great British Food Magazine


We put your questions to the experts at the Women’s Institute

Each month, the W.I. answer your kitchen questions and quandaries. Here they outline their top tips for making marmalade and using leftovers


Q: “I’m looking for a really stunning bake to make for Easter that the whole family will love. Do you have any suggestions?”


A: “Simnel cake is a great family favourite of ours. It was originally baked by girls in the service to take home with them on Mothering Sunday, but now it’s more traditionally served at Easter. Our recipe contains raisins, sultanas, cherries and apricot jam, as well as an optional dash of stout – it won’t disappoint! Handily, the cake can be stored in an airtight container for at least four weeks.”

Q: “I’m batch cooking this weekend. What are your top tips for making the perfect marmalade?”


A: “Firstly, always take your time. The peel needs to soften properly when cooking to ensure the fruit tastes great. Try not to rush and to enjoy the actual process of making it. Secondly, don’t be afraid to experiment once you’ve mastered the traditional orange flavour. Why not give whiskey, grapefruit or lime marmalade a go?!”

Q: “I try to avoid food waste as much as possible but I always end up with bits of lettuce and greens at the bottom of the fridge. How should I use them up?


A: “It happens to us all! A really easy way to use up any salad or green ingredients is to add them to soups. Simply throw them in with any other vegetables you’d typically use and give it all a quick blitz before serving. Not only will these greens add some flavour to your soup, but they’ll also use up everything in the bottom drawer of your fridge, too! If you’re tired of soup, adding leftovers to a stir fry will add some crunch, texture and colour.”

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