Teach kids how to make their own packed lunch they'll love it!
Teach kids how to make their own packed lunch they'll love it!
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Where To Eat Pancakes In London This Pancake Day!


Oh, how we love Shrove Tuesday (28th February 2017)! Not only is it a great time to clear out the cupboards and to use up leftover ingredients, it’s also the perfect excuse to consume piles and piles of pancakes. But how do you eat yours? Do you prefer yours to be sweet or savoury, thick or thin, eaten one by one or piled high in a stack? What’s more, do you you cook yours at home, or do you insist on having them made for you? If this year you’re opting for the latter (life is busy, we’re not judging!) be sure to check out some of London’s pancake hotspots below – you’d be flippin’ mad not to.

The Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club sure know how to make pancakes! From Bourbon pulled pork Cubanos with cheese, kale and pickled slaw to salted caramel banoffee or lemon meringue pie, there’s no shortage of flavours to tempt you. Gluten-free batter is also available on request.

Miz En Bouche

Miz en bouche (1)

If you’re a fan of a pancake tower, you’ll want to head to this cosy French bistro in Clerkenwell on Shrove Tuesday. Whether you fancy tucking into a banana and berry stack topped with maple syrup and cream, or a mouth-watering bacon and maple syrup tower, you’ll be sure to find plenty of scrumptious buttery delights to choose from.

The Diner, Soho 

The Diner soho

Pancake fans will be happy to hear that Soho’s The Diner has put together its very own Pancake Day menu, dedicated to all things Shrove Tuesday. The bacon, banana and and pecan stack is a dream, as it the Reece’s Pieces speciality – yum!



Conveniently located just off Oxford Street, OverEasy has plenty of pancakes on the menu. Sweet fiends should try the vanilla puffed pancake topped with poached pear, earl grey syrup, almonds and chocolate, but if you prefer something savoury, the horseradish puffed pancake with smoked salmon, lemon creme and fennel is a delight.

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