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16 of our Favourite Gluten Free Products for Coeliac Awareness Week


Our Favourite Gluten Free Products

Say goodbye to dense bread, stodgy pasta and flavourless biscuits as we’ve tried and tested some of the best gluten-free foods on the market. Don’t miss the following delicious products and be sure to keep checking back as we’ll be adding new things regularly!

Gail’s Bakery Gluten-Free Sourdough, £4.20,
Wake up properly with Gail’s Bakery’s first gluten-free sourdough! Made with a range of gluten-free flours including brown teff, brown rice and chickpea, it’s made in Gail’s Bakery’s very own gluten-free bakery. We love it toasted and slathered in jam.

Nutribrex Gluten Free Wholegrain Cereal, £2.99,
There’s no shortage of gluten-free cereals on the market these days, but, thankfully, we think we’ve found one that’s as good (if not better!) as many wheat-filled varieties. Handily, it’s also low in sugar – perfect for kiddies!

Freee by Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Chocolate Chip Oat Bars, £2.50 for 4,
Finally, we’ve found the perfect gluten-free elevenses snack. These tasty bars are moist, chewy and delicious – don’t blame us if you find yourselves gobbling up more than one in a single sitting!

Profusion Organic Gluten Free Turmeric Rice Bread, £2.69,                                                   This turmeric-tastic bread is perfect for Scandi-inspired open sandwiches; we love piling ours high with prawns, avocado and hot sauce – divine!

Yorkshire Meatball Company Original Meatballs, £3,                                                          Bound with gluten-free oats, these meatballs are well-seasoned and packed full of meaty goodness. Perfect for a quick midweek meal.

Debbie & Andrew’s Harrogate 97% Sausages, £3,
Lean and meaty, these sausages have been blended with balsamic vinegar, coriander, salt and white pepper.

Doves Farm Brown Rice Tortiglioni, £2.49,
Doves Farm are renowned for their gluten free flours, and their pasta is just as good, too!

John Hampden’s Golden Harvest Ale, £2.65,
Hoppy and floral, this beer has a hint of butterscotch about it – it’s full, well-rounded and totally delicious.

Bellfield Brewery Bohemian Pilsner, 12 bottles £29.40,
Harbouring a slight bitterness and floral notes, as with any great pilsner, you’d never believe this beer’s main ingredient is missing!

Wold Top Brewery Marmalade Porter, £1.99,
This rich, dark porter has hints of zesty orange and undertones of coffee and chocolate – it’s flavour packed and great value.

Chippa Worcester Sauce, £1.29,
Other brands of Worcester Sauce commonly contain barley, but not this one – lavish it generously on your cheese on toast!

Stokes Brown Sauce, £3.20,
Step aside HP, Stokes have set the bar for brown sauce and this bottle is perfect for slathering on your bacon sandwich!

Tesco Finest Free From Triple Chocolate Cookies, £1.80,
Making your own gluten-free cookies can be tough, but these are soft, chewy and delicious!

Meridian Tamari Soya Sauce, £2.09,
Hankering for soya sauce but know that it’s off limits? Tamari solves those hunger pangs and tastes identical to your usual sushi dipping sauce.

Doves Farm Self Raising Flour, £2.19,
Using a blend of different flours, raising agents and xanthan gum, this flour works brilliantly when substituted one for one in recipes. Great in a classic Victoria sponge.

M&S Made Without Self Raising Flour, £1.50,
Slightly cheaper than the Doves Farm flour, this is a great alternative for keen bakers.

Garofalo Gluten Free Casarecce Pasta, £2.99, 
Made with corn, rice and quinoa flour, this pasta tastes exactly like its gluten-filled counterpart – a must buy!

M&S Gluten Free Millionaire’s Caramel Crispy Mini Bites, £3.10
These crispy bites are a fantastic alternative to millionaire’s shortbread.

Wellfoods Gluten Free Burger Buns, £2.45
Simply heat through in the oven for 5-10 minutes for pillow-soft burger buns.

M&S Gluten Free Sliced White Boule, £3,
Super-soft and with a great crust, this loaf is one of the best gluten-free options on the market. It’s also great for sandwiches!