Two-Tone Melon Lollies

You can freeze any leftover mixture in ice-cube trays for bite-sized treats

  • Preparation:15 minutes, plus freezing
  • Servings:6 people
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  • 300g watermelon, skinned and seeded
  • 900g Honeydew melon, skinned and seeded
  • 250ml apple juice
  • Juice of 3 limes
  • Purée the watermelon in a blender until smooth. Divide between 6 plastic cups (about 200ml each) and freeze for about an hour or until the juice is completely frozen.
  • Purée the Honeydew melon with the apple juice and lime juice until smooth. Divide between the frozen watermelon cups, insert a lolly stick into the centre and freeze again until frozen.
  • Take out of the freezer 10 minutes before you need them, unmould and serve. To unmould the lollies, dip the cups into hot water for 10 seconds then remove.
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